The Inside Story

Endodontics is the specialty that deals with tissues and structures located inside the tooth. Behind the tough, shiny enamel of the tooth’s visible crown lies the sturdy inner tissue called dentin, which makes up the bulk of a tooth’s structure. At the core of the tooth, there are branching chambers in the tooth’s roots referred to as canals. These canals contain delicate “pulp” tissue. This consists of nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels which extend from the main chamber in the center of the crown of the tooth, through the roots, exiting at the tip of the roots, which are referred to as the “apex.” When problems such as infection or inflammation develop in the pulp tissue, treatment becomes a necessity.

Root Canals

No, a root canal is not the removal of the roots of your tooth. Quite the opposite, actually! If we removed the roots, that means we most likely took the whole tooth out. By going through root canal therapy, we are able to save the tooth so you can use it to continue properly chewing. Root canal therapy is a procedure that, by removing dead or dying nerve tissue, infection and pain from an infected nerve is relieved and a tooth is able to be saved.